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As a nationally recognized expert on solutions to the toughest civic challenges, the Pew Partnership for Civic Change can change the odds for communities or regions that want a more successful future. Our mission is to work with communities on long-term, strategic efforts to turn struggling communities into thriving communities. We use a combination of comparative empirical analysis, community inventory and asset-mapping, benchmarking, and strategic planning to build more inclusive, long-lasting and successful communities.

We recommend that our partners begin with an initial report and consultation using data generated by local and national sources. There are two types of reports generated by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change. The Smart Communities Benchmarking Scorecard™ report examines data both from the community itself, as well as comparatively with communities of similar size that have demonstrated success in particular areas. The other is the Solutions Assessment Model™ that examines the community’s return on its investments. Where is the community investing its resources? What is the history of that investment, its results, and how these investments might be altered to achieve a great return for the entire community? These assessments help communities develop a comprehensive plan that demonstrates how improvement on specific issues results in a thriving community.

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