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LeadershipPlenty® is recognized as one of the best leadership development programs in the country. In an analysis of leadership programs offered in the United States, Phillips Wyatt Knowlton Inc. described LeadershipPlenty® as offering “the strongest example of curricula” of the exemplary programs included. Building from modules that teach civic skills like taking action, managing conflict, and building partnerships, LeadershipPlenty® is a powerful tool to help diverse groups in communities large and small, work together to solve problems and assess the results.

The theory behind LeadershipPlenty® is simple — broad-based community leadership is critical for long-term, positive community change. LeadershipPlenty® is an experiential and practical tool for training emerging leaders that builds on individual experience and adult education principles. The goal is to make civic leadership training available to those who may not consider themselves leaders but have much to offer their communities and to strengthen the skills of those who hold leadership positions.

Our website can help you learn more about the LeadershipPlenty® curriculum, how organizations and communities are using it, and what it means to partner with the Pew Partnership for Civic Change in delivering the program. Please contact us ( with inqueries about bringing LeadershipPlenty® to your community.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement The Curriculum
  The LeadershipPlenty® curriculum consists of nine modules that address primary civic skills that enable graduates to confidently identify problems in their communities and implement a plan of action to combat those problems.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement Support Services
  When you host the LeadershipPlenty® Institute in your community you are purchasing more than a top flight curriculum, you are also gaining a full suite of services that help you promote your trainings, implement the program, and evaluate the progress of participants.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement Getting Started
  Partnering with the Pew Partnership for Civic Change for delivery of LeadershipPlenty® is easy. Through the LeadershipPlenty® Institute we teach our nationally recognized curriculum to implementers from your organization. This train-the-trainer approach allows you to implement a number of programs simultaneously.
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement Frequently Asked Questions
  Do you have a question about the LeadershipPlenty® program? Visit the FAQ first to find the answer.
  The PDFs below contain detailed information about several LeadershipPlenty® success stories.  
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement Community organizations success stories (PDF, 108kb)
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement Foundations and regional organizations success stories (PDF, 96kb)
Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement Nonprofit organizations success stories (PDF, 116kb)
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