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Inventing Civic SolutionsImagine a nationwide epidemic so severe that it strikes one in three teenagers and so malignant that few ever recover from it. The epidemic results in cascading costs for communities and for the nation as a whole – an estimated $200-$300 billion to cover the cost of those struck by this affliction each year. Described as a “crisis” on the pages of the New York Times and in numerous reports on the subject, it is clear that America faces a severe problem with consequences for the future of both individuals and their communities. What can be done?

Our dropout discussion guide provides you with the tools to start talking about the dropout problem in ways that lead to community-wide solutions. Available for free download, here is the portion of the guide that makes the argument for community-wide solutions to the dropout problem. The remaining chapters contain the five key elements that any dropout initiative should consider.

We have provided the opening chapter of our discussion guide in PDF for free. This chapter serves as an overview of the problem and makes the case for a broad-based, community-wide campaign for change. The remainder of the guide offers an in-depth discussion of the key elements needed to successfully address the dropout problem.

For a complete print copy of the guide please remit the order form and a check for $10 to:

Pew Partnership for Civic Change
1927 Thomson Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Order Form (PDF, 30kb)

  Download Sample of the Publication:  
  The School Dropout Crisis (1,008kb, PDF)  
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