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  Resources-New Directions in Civic Engagement  
New Directions in Civic EngagementUniversity Avenue Meets Main Street

New Directions in Civic Engagement has four thematic elements representing the most pressing questions surrounding university and community partnerships. Each of those elements is available here in a separate PDF. A fifth PDF includes the publication's introduction, lessons, and endnotes. Section titles and their related chapters are listed below. Click on a section title to download the PDF of that section.

I. Introduction (100k, PDF)


Lessons and Recommendations


II. Engagement through University-Community Partnerships (100k, PDF)

Key Features of Successful University-Community Partnerships
David Wilson

A Public Citizen: The Civic Role of an Educational Institution for the Betterment of Society
Osvaldo Cardoza and Gustavo Salinas

A Partnership that's Making a Difference: The University of Pennsylvania's West Philadelphia Initiatives
Judith Rodin

III. Engagement through Civic Education (129k, PDF)

Educating for Citizenship in a Diverse and Interdependent Society
Nancy Thomas

The Role of Higher Education in Preparing Undergraduates for Lives of Civic Responsibility
Anne Colby, Thomas Ehrlich, Elizabeth Beaumont, and Jason Stephens

Brown University and Civic Engagement: A Recent Graduate's Perspective
Claiborne Walthall

IV. New Perspectives on Engagement (113k, PDF)

The Public Engagement of Theological Education
James Waits and Robert Franklin

Heavy Lifting: Bridging Main Street and College Avenue
Carlyle Ramsey

Mutual Benefits that Can Accrue to Universities and Communities from their Interactions with Each Other
John Bryant and Miriam West

V. Is It Working? Three Universities Take On Assessment (101k, PDF)

Assessment Strategies in Civic Engagement and Higher Education
Kathleen Ferraiolo

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