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Smart Community Seminars
Any community that wants to ensure a thriving future for all its residents needs the Smart Communities seminar. It's an investment that produces long-term results.

Smart Communities seminars introduce participants from public, private, and nonprofit sectors to a proven strategy to improve the odds for community success. Using the Smart Communities model and data collected from the most successful American communities, participants learn how their own community measures-up based on a series of "success" criteria.

The seminar is designed to help participants identify ways to make their community more globally competitive by first benchmarking current economic and quality of life data and then developing strategies that will improve their ability to be innovative and entrepreneurial using current assets and new investments. 

Participants also work on brand positioning of their community, identify critical new partnerships, and learn about solutions adopted by successful communities. Ultimately, those who attend Smart Communities seminars will leave with the knowledge necessary to work with others to organize their community's strategic development in a more effective way. Leading all seminars will be Dr. Suzanne Morse, president of Civic Change, Inc. and author of Smart Communities: How Citizens and Local Leaders Can Use Strategic Thinking to Build a Brighter Future.

Seminar Highlights

During the seminar, participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the Smart Communities framework and model.
  • Use economic and quality of life data to gauge how well their community performs compared to other successful communities nationwide.
  • Assemble a community asset inventory and use it to generate various options for developing their economy in the present and for the future.
  • Create a community "positioning" that clearly communicates the driving forces behind the future economy and emerging trends.

Sponsoring a Seminar

If your community is interested in sponsoring a Smart Communities seminar, please contact the Civic Change, Inc. for pricing and availability. Note that seminars can also be packaged with speaking appearances for an additional fee.

Phone: 434-981-7845

Seminar Agenda

Part One – Overview of Smart Communities Model
The Smart Communities model is introduced using a PowerPoint presentation and drawing extensively from case studies. This session ends with participants completing a community scorecard that assesses how well their community operates.

Part Two – Thriving Communities Analysis
The Thriving Communities analysis uses economic and quality-of-life data as background for a discussion about what is known about the community, how it appears to others, and how it ranks against successful communities employing "smart" civic practices. During this session participants have the opportunity to benchmark their community on economic and quality-of-life measures.

Part Three – Transforming Data into Practice
During the final seminar session participants develop an action plan for positioning their community to take advantage of new markets and development opportunities. Using the Smart Communities model and economic trend data, participants will have a better understanding of the investments, partnerships, and assets it will take to create a thriving economic community with a high quality of life.
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