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Hearing Suzanne speak was the motivation, affirmation and encouragement our community needed to move forward. Reading her book, Smart Communities, was just a start. Having her come to our City was an inspiration.
  • Connie Ladenburg
    City of Tacoma Council Member
Suzanne has a unique ability to teach and motivate that has universal appeal. Her message helped our audience overcome what sometimes feels like an overwhelming task and focus on how they can use her steps to move forward back home.
  • Marcia Sigal
    Council of State Community Development Agencies
Suzanne Morse has the ability to instill in her audience a genuine belief that they have the capacity to make great things happen in their communities.
  • Bo Beaulieu
    Southern Rural Development Center
By generously sharing her wealth of community experience, Suzanne Morse inspired both government and community-based participants, leaving us with a heightened sense of connectedness with communities, citizens and the issues they face.
  • Liz Huff
    Human Resources and Social Development Canada
Civic Change, Inc. President Dr. Suzanne Morse is a dynamic, inspirational, and action-oriented speaker at national and international events.

In her speeches Dr. Morse promotes “smart” thinking about community issues. She brings a message that is upbeat and builds from the successful strategies for community change outlined in her latest book, Smart Communities: How Citizens and Local Leaders Can Build a Brighter Future, and her forthcoming work America’s Thriving Communities: What Makes the Difference? Every year thousands of citizens, elected officials, and civic leaders in urban and rural areas are inspired by her message that communities become successful in the global world by working together, building on existing assets, and thinking and investing strategically.

Dr. Morse has spoken across the world to audiences as diverse as the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, the League of Women Voters, Community Leadership Association, America’s Promise, the National Association of Extension Professionals, the Jessie Ball Dupont Fund, and Volunteer West Virginia.

Dr. Morse has a broad range of expertise on topics ranging from new models of community leadership to the civic engagement of higher education to strategies for communities to be competitive in the global world.

Organizations, foundations, or communities interested in learning more about Dr. Morse's availability and fee schedule should write to or call (434) 981-7845. Please note that Dr. Morse’s honorarium is based, in part, on availability and location of the speaking venue.


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