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  During its 15 years of operation, the Pew Partnership for Civic Change has worked with hundreds of communities on an array of projects and research initiatives designed to improve their ability to address challenges and employ sustainable strategies for change.  
      Launched Learning to Finish™ Campaign
Learning to Finish Wiki
The School Dropout Crisis, 2006
      Civic Change Award Presented to Public Allies
      Launched Smart Communities Blog
      Publication of Smart Communities: How Citizens and Local Leaders Can Use Strategic Thinking to Build a Brighter Future. Author, and Pew Partnership president, Dr. Suzanne Morse introduces a comprehensive view of the strategies that “smart communities” employ to leverage their assets and achieve successful outcomes.
      Civic Engagement and Higher Education Initiative (Ongoing) — Based on the findings from the Solutions for America initiative, the Partnership has expanded its focus on the role of higher education in our democratic life.
New Directions in Civic Engagement: University Avenue Meets Main Street 2004
University + Community Research Partnerships, 2003
      Civic Change Award Presented to the League of Women Voters of the United States
      Pew Partnership Celebrates its 11th Anniversary
New Eyes on Community
      Survey Released: What Will it Take? Making Headway on our Most Wrenching Problems — Poll finds Americans largely optimistic about the futures of their communities issues but shows a clear disconnect between citizens and nonprofit professionals on the seriousness of five major community issues and their possible remedies.
What Will it Take? (44k, PDF)
      Launched LeadershipPlenty® a nationally recognized community leadership program with 70 national and local partners. (Ongoing)
      Survey Released: In It for the Long Haul Community Partners Making a Difference — Poll finds that business, nonprofit, and local government leaders believe that partnerships and the kinds of interactions across sectors that have become business as usual are important.
In It for the Long Haul (140k, PDF)
      Survey Released: Ready Willing and Able Citizens Working for Change — Poll finds Americans have a profound sense of connectivity to their communities and their neighbors, are volunteering in record numbers, are helping neighbors to solve problems, and are optimistic about the future.
Ready Willing and Able (884k, PDF)
      Survey Released: Voices of Rural America Poll finds that rural and urban communities are more alike than different in terms of how they see their community, choose to get involved, perceive problems, and identify problem solvers.
Voices of Rural America (160k, PDF)
      Civic Change Award Presented to Governor William Winter
      Launched Wanted: Solutions for America A research initiative that documented 19 community solutions.
Inventing Civic Solutions, 2005
What Makes A Solution?, 2003
What’s Already Out There, 2002
What We Know Works, 2001
Coming of Age in the Information Age, 2000 (292k, PDF)
      Whole Earth Magazine deems the Pew Partnership the “can-do/we’ll-show-you-how organization of our dreams.”
      Civic Change Award presented to Alma Powell
      Civic Change Award presented to Paul Aicher
Civic Partners: The Search for Solutions (1.4MB, PDF)
      Civic Change Award Presented to John Gardner
      The National Council on Crime and Delinquency presents the Pew Partnership with the Prevention for a Safer Society (PASS) Award for celebrating the New American Community.
Launched the Pew Civic Entrepreneur Initiative
This three-year program worked with 10 midsized cities to test new strategies for leadership development.
Crafting a New Design for Civic Leadership (240k, PDF)
      Leadership Collaboration Series is published examining the traits of healthy civic communities, building deliberative communities, creating diverse leadership, and exploring the importance of citizen effort in creating sustainable, collaborative communities.
Building Healthy Communities (280k, PDF)
      Launched first Pew Partnership program: The Civic Change Project This four-year effort partnered with 14 smaller cities to address their toughest issues.
Planned Serendipity (773k, PDF)
      Pew Partnership for Civic Change established by The Pew Charitable Trusts to identify strategies for improving America's communities.
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