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It is Not Just What Communities Do, It is How They Think

Civic Change, Inc. launched a new area of research and practice in 2010 to help communities of all sizes respond to the challenges and opportunities of globalization in positive, sustainable ways. What is globalization and why is it important to communities? See what Dr. Suzanne Morse has to say.


New Web Movie

Dr. Suzanne Morse discusses important questions that many communities face in this new web movie produced by Civic Change, Inc.


Certified Trainer Program

The newest version of the LeadershipPLENTY curriculum is being used by communities across the country. Adaptations for Spanish-speaking, low literacy, and Native American participants are also available.


Latest Solutions for America News

In this edition:

  • LeadershipPlenty Expands in 2007
  • Interview with Dr. Jack Shonkoff on early childhood investments
  • Thriving Communities Goes Global

Download The Spring 2008 Edition of Solutions for America News (2.7MB, PDF)

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