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It is Not Just What Communities Do, It is How They Think

Civic Change, Inc. launched a new area of research and practice in 2010 to help communities of all sizes respond to the challenges and opportunities of globalization in positive, sustainable ways. Based on qualitative research on almost 400 cities and best practices in hundreds more, the Civic Change, Inc, research team has worked with regions and individual communities around the country to make the right choices about their future. What is globalization and why is it important to communities? See what Dr. Suzanne Morse, president of Civic Change, Inc. has to say.

According to Dr. Suzanne Morse, president of Civic Change, Inc., “globalization is rapid acceleration of connections to economies, cultures, and environments.” How that manifests itself in individual communities and regions says Morse, “can be direct in the form of business investments or indirect in terms of shared environmental and sustainability concerns.” Communities thrive when they can maintain a high quality of life at home but engage in the larger world economy. This new work is critical is helping communities take the first step or next step on the world stage but also taking care of necessary quality of life issues at home. Our partner is this work is the Kettering Foundation. For more information about how to connect your community to this work, see Services.

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